Any property or building within UK that has any sort of gas appliance, such as a boiler, gas fire, cooker, hob, water heater, etc, by the law has to have a Gas Safe Certificate otherwise it will be unsafe to use the gas appliances inside that building and it could result in your gas being cut off. Only gas engineers at Loughton Plumber are registered with the Gas Safe Register may issue a Gas Safe Certificate. Lucky you! All our gas engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register and therefore are able to issue you a Gas Safe Certificate so that you can rest at ease with your gas appliances and feel safe near them.

We offer not only domestic, but also commercial, Industrial and catering Gas Safe Certificates.

If you are a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your properties hold a valid Gas Safe Certificate to ensure the safety of your tenants. Loughton Emergency Plumber will issue Gas Safe Certificates to home owners, landlords, estate agents and many more within the area covered by us.

You must make sure that you have annual gas safe checks where they inspect the chimney or flue, pipework and each gas appliance in order to make sure that you are 100% safe in your house or at your workplace. You should also keep the Gas Safe Certificate records over at least 2 years. If you don’t have one yet or it is due to be renewed, call us now and book your Gas Safe check today!

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Loughton Emergency Plumber's gas engineers are specialised in commercial gas, oil and LPG appliances for which they have many years of experience. We offer boiler installations and repairs at which we are professional and our gas engineers work with the Gas Safe Register so we are qualified to work with your boiler and we will do it to the best of our standards. Loughton Emergency Plumber even provides you with a 24/7 emergency gas work. We can issue you a Gas Safe certificate if you need one.

Our expertise does not end on gas work for commercial sites, we also provide you with a lot of different plumbing services such as purging, commissioning and decommissioning services, we also test the equipment and appliances if required.

Loughton Plumber's services for commercial work extend to fast foods outlets, commercial kitchens, restaurants, bakeries up to universities, colleges, retail outlets and many more, whatever, whenever and wherever you need us, we can do it. All you need to do is just call us! We provide you with affordable and efficient services and gas certificates so that you can be sure that your place will meet all the legal requirements and that everyone there is safe.

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Loughton Emergency Plumber can give you advises such as if your equipment is going to be better repaired than replaced as it could safe you some money or if you want something repaired, however it will not be worth it so that new one is advised. You should know how much you're going to pay before we start working as the prises will be discussed with you beforehand, we also don’t do call out charges. Beware that sometimes difficulties and new problems arise during the repair or installation so the prise is an estimate and not fixed. Most of the time the price doesn’t change and it remains as established.

Our engineers and workers at Loughton Plumber have a wide range of experience and knowledge to be able to solve any problem that you may have, and if something is damages and not worth to repair, we will guide you and advise you on what to get to replace it so that you get the best quality at the lowest price possible. Loughton Emergency Plumber recruits new engineers and workers for over 20 years now providing you with high quality workers and gas engineers that are constantly training and widening their knowledge to provide you with the best services possible.


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